Escape the hustle of the city – come join us over in Purau, Diamond Harbour and experience the peace and tranquility of Manaaki Mai

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Manaaki Mai, your perfect wedding venue or your next weekend escape away.

Meet the Team


Andrea is our marriage celebrant and coordinates all of our weddings at Manaaki Mai but is also available to marry couples at other venues.. Her main role is to ensure that during your time here, you feel relaxed, your needs are met and you are able to reconnect with the natural environment. In her spare time, she helps Paul to prune, plant, mow and generally look after the piece of paradise that is Manaaki Mai.


Paul makes sure the property here at Manaaki Mai looks spic and span. His passion is for the bush and nature, so he is constantly out planting, watering, pruning and caring for our wonderful wedding sites and their surrounding environs.



Olive is resident border terrier at Manaaki Mai and will do her best to get in your wedding photos.

Her favourite job is supervising the planting your tree, which contributes not only to the regeneration of the bush here at Manaaki Mai, but also gives you a good reason to come back to visit.


Kiriana is an indispensable part of our team, whose greatest skill is to pull your entire wedding day together effortlessly. From finding out what is important to you for your special day, to coordinating the flowers, decorating the arches, the wedding site, organising the nibbles platter and cake to even ensuring your choice of music is played at exactly the right time. She is an indispensable part of the operation here at Manaaki Mai.


Jemma is our wonderful photographer here at Manaaki Mai. The warmth and love she manages to capture in her photographs of our Minimalist Eco weddings are proof of those skills.

‘Lifestyle Photography is where my heart is. I strive to capture imagery full of love, life and connection unique to each and every person who comes to me’.  – Jemma


Jason is our brand manager for Manaaki Mai. He combines strategic approach with creative visualisation to create memorable brand experiences. Need help defining your brand? Jason would love a chat – find out more about Ledge Brand & Marketing.

Photography & Videography

Thank you to the following fantastic Photographers who have let us use their stunning images taken at Manaaki Mai Lodge and Retreat, and around Purau Bay.

Jemma Mitchell

Mark Song

Jeffery Wen

Dean Kozanic

Stephen Howard